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      The research of the College has specific objectives viz.
      (1) to build up the body of knowledge for religious studies;
      (2) to study the behavior of the adherents of different religions in a globalized society; and
      (3) to study the moral issues confronted by religion particularly in the field of science and medicine.

     The research is carried out by individual faculty members, senior students, and research teams set up by the College.

     The results of such research are published in textbooks and academic papers in national and international journals.

     Some selected titles of research are listed below:

     (a) Individual Faculty Members (See faculty)
     Each individual faculty pursues his/her research in line the above three objectives.

     (b) Senior Students (See theses) only in Thai

     Every student of the College has to do field research to complete his/ her B.A. Presently, there have been more than 150 research projects since the 8-year inception of the College. As the College emphasizes socio-cultural aspects of religion, all these research projects involve fieldwork such as:

           (1) A Study of the Beliefs and the Practice of the Five Precepts Among Lay Students of Mahidol University.
          (2) The Effects of the Practice of Meditation on Behavioral Transformation.
          (3) A Study of the Rituals used by Lay Buddhists in a Village in Chiangmai Area.
          (4) A Study of the Changing Role of the Undertakers in Metropolitan Bangkok.
          (5) Merit-Making Among Lay Buddhists in Bangkok and its Environs.

     (c) Teams Set Up by the College: The College sets up teams of researchers, drawn from different Faculties of Mahidol University and other academic institutions. Accordingly, the research in this category is more interdisplinary, for example,

          (1) The Effects of Socio-Cultural Values on Prostitution in Dok Kham Tai Village, Northern Thailand.
          (2) A Study of Wats (Buddhist temples) in Metropolitan Bangkok constructed from the reigns of King Rama I to King Rama IX with special emphasis on their historical, socio-cultural, architectural, and religious aspects.

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